At the beginning of the project, I created a statement of intent outlining what I would be doing during the process of creating a final piece. However, during the experimentation stage of answering my four questions, I have made changes to how I am working through the project;

Section one – what I intend to make as my final piece:

In the initial statement, I didn’t have a clear view of what I was intending to make as a final piece, but after my experimentation stage, and researching and exploring interactive art, I am going to produce an interactive piece that incorporates the viewer into the piece of art. So far I am looking at using a window or a mirror to include the viewer’s face in the artwork, and also include my own artwork of an architectural facade. This final piece idea originated from researching the second question of how humans interact with architecture, and looking at artist Leandro Erlich who creates installations that combine architecture and illusions. This final piece will convey my project theme ‘Facades of Architecture’, as a person and a visual representation of architecture will be the main piece of the installation, and will convey the relation between humans and architecture, allowing them to interact.

Section two – influences through research:

In the initial statement, I originally had the influence of Deanna Petherbridge, from an art gallery visit. I also had the previous research knowledge of what Interior Architecture entailed. However following this initial research I have researched many other artists, architects and gained primary sources of architecture from my own house to architecture in Barcelona. This development of primary and secondary sources have enabled my thought process to widen and subvert from an idea of OCD artwork to more abstract and experimental pieces of artwork that are both 2D and 3D.

Section three – techniques and processes:

When thinking about materials, techniques and processes to utilise, I have used the same materials that I had originally suggested; printing, pen and ink illustrations, mainly 2D artwork. I have not used 3D models to portray my four questions, however I have explored the use of photography, which I think so far is the most successful method of portraying my ideas and themes. When considering the final piece, I am exploring interactive art, and when reflecting on the experiments I have carried out, I may incorporate photography into my piece.

Section four – method of evaluation:

When assessing the successes and failures of the elements of my project, I have been using this blog to comment on certain experiments I have carried out, and evaluated my strengths and weaknesses when using the methods and materials of experimentation. I have also annotated pages of my sketchbook explaining my experimentations and developments, and have used worksheets to clearly show step-by-step processes of experiments and some workshops.

Action plan:

During the experimentation and research process, I have kept to the dates of my action plan in order to give me enough time to develop my initial ideas and the creation of the final piece. As an overall recap of the project so far, I feel I am keeping on track when looking at my initial statement of intent, and I am developing my thought process and knowledge of methods of visually communicating my ideas and themes of ‘facades of architecture’.