When making the final piece, first I painted the canvas using blue oil paint. Then for the different layers of the landscape, I painted four strips of white card with different tones of oil, one was the foreground grass, the next background grass, the third foreground mountains and background mountains. I then ripped each layer into the shapes of rolling hills and mountains, ensuring I left the white edges to show each layer.

I tried to incorporate texture into each strip with oils, however it didn’t come out very well as the oil was slightly wet and blending together. I then glued each layer down with PVA glue and left to dry. After adding some small details of trees, I decided to use slightly dried acrylic paint for the texture on each layer, and I engraved into it using an ink quill. I added sharp flicks into the grass, I engraved lines and shading into the mountains, and I added clouds by scraping white acrylic across the canvas.

Overall I am happy with the final outcome, as I have demonstrated my ideas of Borders and Boundaries, and the piece links to wilderness and natural architecture by conveying the colours and textures of a wild mountain range, and as a concept piece would be used when designing the interiors and exteriors of a building surrounded by the Wilderness it is inspired by.