Design idea 1: Focusing on the scene of a mountain range, I would paint a watercolour landscape similar to how I painted my previous watercolour experiments. When incorporating the idea of natural architecture, the white block would be a concept building, either in watercolour or a layer of white card.

Design idea 2: This design idea also incorporates the scene of a mountain range, but I will create  a 3D layered effect using ripped pieces of card painted in either acrylic or oil. I will also focus on the textures of each layer adding layers of acrylic paint to mimic grass and the textures of mountains.

I will paint either design on a canvas, and the idea of the final outcome is a concept piece that can be used as an inspiration for the interior and exterior planning of a building, mainly a residential building or a place of observation for wildlife and economical associations. Architects and Interior designers can utilise the colours and textures of the artwork to incorporate into their designs for the building, situated in the wilderness.