In order to make the raven, I first created a wire armature using a wire coat hanger as the skeleton and tin foil as the bulk of the body. I secured the foil with masking tape, ensuring there were no creases or lumps. I then rolled out air-drying clay and layered it onto the body, ensuring to cover the whole of the sculpture. For smaller details such as the claws I inserted wire so that it wouldn’t break. Then I painted the raven with acrylic paints and left to dry.

When attaching the raven to the branch of the tree, the branch would not support the weight, and the claws did not fit well on the branch. I decided to modify the sculpture and wrapped newspaper and a water and glue mixture around the claws and the branch and let that dry. then I painted over it and the end result linked well with the theme of fears as it looked like the tree was devouring the raven.