During the experimentation process, we took part in a charcoal workshop where the subjects were two models.

Firstly we did a portrait of one person and then the other, ensuring that we looked more at the model’s face than we did at the paper.

Then we sketched a different angle of each model in five minutes, again ensuring we look at the model more and that we got proportions right.

We then did a sketch of the model in continuous line (making sure that the charcoal didn’t come off the paper), and a sketch of the other model where we didn’t look at the page. We also did a sketch of the model with our opposite hand, which I thought looked better than the sketches with my drawing hand.

Overall my charcoal portraits were not as accurate as I would have hoped, as I don’t think I was looking at the model as much as needed. Also, I find charcoal difficult to work with as I smudge the charcoal and I can’t create defined lines.

However I feel I created tone successfully and some of the features such as the lips and eyes were accurate.