During the experimentation process, we had a workshop in photography. Using multiple exposure and myself as the model, we captured images that related to themes and emotions that are associated with passions and obsessions.

In these images, I made multiple poses when a light flashed on and off, and this brought the images together in an eery effect.

In one of the images I was trying to depict mental instability and lack of control, which was a result of both Gaudi and Dali’s obsession with their work. In two other images, I was trying to depict fear, a theme conveyed by Dali’s artwork through imagery, and also his focus on dreams and nightmares. In another image we explored mental issues and phobias such as claustrophobia, so I created shapes that portrayed being stuck in a box. Another image shows surrealism and nightmarish imagery, conveying Dali’s obsessions. Also in another image I made poses related to religion, as both Dali and Gaudi express this theme as an obsession.

Overall, my strengths were creating the poses and successfully communicating passion and obsession themes. However as an improvement I would practice with the camera more in order to gain another media option for my final piece.