During experimentations of different materials, we created some marbling pieces using water and marbling ink.

Firstly I filled a tray with water, then after shaking the marbling ink well i dropped a few drops of two colours into the tray. Using a comb I aggitated the drops to make a pattern and layed cartridge paper onto the surface of the water. The marbling ink attached to the paper and I left it to dry.

I found this process difficult to perfect at first, as I found out that the less ink there was in the tray, the better the result. Also I found that the less colours there were and the more complimentary the colours, the better the pattern.

In relation to my chosen area in the theme Passions and Obsessions, the marbling creates an effect that gives connotations of a mental instability and chaos, which both Dali and Gaudi experienced when becoming obsessed about their artwork.