When exploring illusions and distortion, I experimented with the method of slicing and distorting an image to create an illusion of two images coinciding with each other. I decided to use the image of a tiger in one of Salador Dali’s paintings, and use the process of slicing, inspired ny Isabel M. Martinez, to create two distorted images on top of one another.

First I sketched the image of the tiger, then I photocopied the image, but I moved the inage with the copying light to stretch the image. Then I painted the original sketch with watercolours, and cut up the copied version into stripes to match the tiger’s. I then stuck the cut out copy over the original in a placement that looked like the tiger was ripping out of the page, and also in a way that, when looked at from a ceratin distance, showed the stretched face of the tiger in black and white.

During this process, my strengths were creating the image and derving ideas from research, I also found this process simple but effective and will consider it as an element of a final piece. If I were to improve this piece, I would use different techniques related to illusions to create a more effective piece.