Within the Fine Art Pathway, we created designs using printing that could be used for merchandise at the lighting festival.

Firstly, we used polystyrene tiles as the method of printing. I sketched sone design ideas using themes from the shadow factory and also my interest in the women’s war effort.

In order to create an acrylic print of the design,the sketch needed to be transferred onto tracing paper then that was transferred onto polystyrene. Once it was transferred, I had to draw into the lines of the design to make an indent.

Then, the paint was transferred by rolling out the paint, rolling it onto the tile and then pressing the tile down onto the paper. To give depth and tone, I used light and dark colours. To add different colours, sections of the tile had to be deeper than the surface the paint will be on.

Overall, I was successful with the polystyrene printing, and my strengths were creating a relevant design with my interests incorporated.

On the other hand, my weaknesses were perfecting the method of printing and trying to capture the detail and chaos of the design.