In the Fashion Pathway,our task was to decorate and embellish hi-vis jackets that would be used as costumes for visitors in an art instillation at the lighting festival. My design was inspired by Fernand Leger’s Constructivist artwork and also themes of the shadow factory.When adding the shapes to the jacket, I changed my original design as the text wasn’t needed and I wanted to fill the jacket with Leger’s shapes.

My strengths within this task were using applique to attach the cogs, and also creating and developing the design and layout of the pattern.

My weaknesses within this task were using the bondaweb to successfully attach the painted shapes,as this was my first attempt and it was difficult to perfect as the shapes were applied backwards. In order to improve this piece I would perfect the process of applying bondaweb pieces before attaching them to the final piece, and apply more paint to make the shapes stand out more.