The third piece of work we did used Photoshop to create packaging and merchandise for the shop that would be in an artist’s project at the lighting festival. First we looked at packaging for food and other items that would be sold in a tuck shop. My idea was to use the design of the Bournville chocolate bar and add images that would relate to both the Shadow Factory and elements of ww2 like rationing and the women’s war effort.

My strengths were using Photoshop and using the images to convey themes of the war and the Shadow Factory, as well as creating packaging that someone would buy as a reminder of these themes.

Although it was an initial design, I felt that the copied and pasted images could not be use for a product that would be sold, so to improve this packaging I would develop some of the images to make them more unique to the original image.

Secondly, we looked at designing some merchadnise such as badges and posters to sell  at the shop, that related to ww2 propaganda and packaginng. After designing some badge ideas, I decided to modify the second desing into a poster on Photoshop. I developed the image of the woman to look like she was in the shadow factory making ammunitions.

My strengths with this piece was using Photoshop to edit the image, so that it didn’t look too similar to the original image. I also liked creating a poster that has reference to the women’s war effort, and I think I will focus on this area as an inspiration for my final piece.

My weaknesses were trying to create a slogan for the poster that was humorous and related to the Shadow Factory theme. As an imporvement I would improve the slogan to make it original and make the viewer purchase the poster.